How to Play

The winning odds are published with the open of the ticket sales of the race. Here are some samples of the odds.

There are two types of betting cards depending on how you bet. Here is an example of how to fill out the betting cards.

開催場/Race Stadium

Fill in the name of the race stadium where the race you want to buy is being held. Only one mark is allowed.

式別/Bet Types

Fill in the type of bet you wish to make. Only one mark is allowed.

レース番号/Race Number

Fill in the race number you would like to bet. Only one mark is allowed.

組版/Pick Number

Fill in the number of the boats/racers depending on the combination, followed by the bet types you wish to buy.

金額/Bet Amount

Place the number of the amount of money you bet.


Specify the units of the amount you bet. From right to left there are units of "100 yen", "1,000 yen", and "10,000 yen".


Fill in when you request to cancel the column of the bet.

Payout announcement of the winning numbers is to be followed once the race result is settled officially.
Please visit the payout counter if you have winning tickets.

before your payout

Please keep your tickets until the race result is officially announced.

When boats/racers are scratched from the race because of false starts, accidents and/or errors, the tickets bet on the scratched boat(s) are to be refunded. Also there are times when the winning places are changed if violation of rules are admitted, even after all the racers passed the goal line. The payout is not materialized until the official result is announced. It is appreciated if you allow some time until the official announcement is made.

Payout must be completed within 60 days!

The winning tickets are valid for 60 days from the next day of the date of the purchase.